About Us

Prestigious Gemstones International is a family owned company that prides itself in helping you obtain exceptional and unique gemstones. Our experience, education, and vast global network enables us to offer personalized gem sourcing services. We have experience working with those who are trained, discerning purchasers within the gemstone trade.

We are equally excited to come alongside those of you who love gemstones but are still growing in your gemstone expertise. We would love to walk alongside you and share with you our passion for gemstones. 


A little bit of family history…


With more than 30 years living abroad and having a real love for gemstones, an interest turned into a hobby, which turned into an occupation. Having lived in five countries and having traveled to more than 60 provided natural opportunities to collect stones from around the world. As amazing as these gemstones are, the miners, buyers, and cutters become a part of the mystique of our gemstones. For us, purchasing a gemstone is becoming a chapter of its story...its origin, its history and its uniqueness.

It’s natural that this passion for gemstones permeated the family. We think it’s wonderful that God has blessed our family with our own graduate gemologist and photographer, alongside our business and marketing background.