1. Do you provide a certificate for your gems?

Yes, every gemstone we sell will come with a certificate of authenticity. The certificate will include:

  • Gem name
  • Weight
  • Shape/cut
  • Color
  • Moh’s hardness scale range
  • Signature and authentication by a GIA approved graduate gemologist 


We can certify any gemstones with a GIA laboratory. The fee for this service is dependent on the content requested. We are happy to quote you a price. Please allow 7-10 business days for certification. The laboratory certification will certify to the gemstones authenticity only. The GIA does not give a color and clarity grade and will not provide an appraisal value.

2. What is your return policy?

We take pride in offering a 21-day inspection period on all of our stones. You can return any of our gemstones within this period for any reason, no questions asked! Any returns must be shipped back in their original packaging and condition. For more information, contact info@prestigiousgemstones.com.

3. How do I return a gem to you?

We ask that you would return any purchase by the same method by which it was received. The general rule of thumb is that for purchases less than $100 in value, you will return by USPS Priority Mail (the PO packaging with the red box or red line). For purchases greater than $100 in value, please use USPS Express Mail (the PO packaging with the blue box). Any questions, please contact info@prestigiousgemstones.com

4. Is my credit card information secure?

Yes. When you checkout on our website, we will connect you to a secure link provided by our Shopify platform. Only the secure payment services will have access to your payment details.

5. Do you provide appraisals for your gems?

PGI does offer appraisal services by an approved graduate gemologist, however, it is not ethical for a gem dealer to make appraisals on the gems that they sell. Appraisals should be made by independent third parties, particularly those with certified appraisal credentials.

6. Will you help me find that special stone that is not currently in your inventory?

We would love to help you find that special stone. See question 7.

7. You don't seem to have exactly what I want - Do you have inventory that is not listed on the website?

Yes, we have significant inventory that is not listed on this PGI site. If you have a hard to find stone you are searching for, we will first check our inventory, and if needed, reach out to other gemstone dealers. We work with many other gemstones dealers worldwide. For more information, contact sales@prestigiousgemstones.com

8. Where can I find a list of birthstones for different months?

We find the American Gem Society Link helpful:


9. Do you also buy gemstones on this site?

We do not currently purchase gemstones on this site, however, we are constantly looking to increase our inventory. If you have gemstones to sell, we encourage you to contact us at info@prestigiousgemstones.com

10. How accurate are your images?

Capturing a truly accurate gemstone image is one of the most difficult challenges in photography. We photograph our gems in a studio with multiple lighting options and a macro lens that magnifies the image. We want to give you as accurate an image as possible. It is not possible to portray each stone in all of the varying light options, but we do our best to show you the true color of the gem. We also have no control over the various monitors and screens on which our clients view our products. We offer a 21-day inspection period, so you will have a chance to examine each stone with your own eyes, in any lighting you desire.

11. Can I call if I have a question or issue?

Yes! We are happy to speak with you on the phone, text with you, email you, or even Skype or Facetime with you. Please contact us at contact@prestigiousgemstones.com for further details. We look forward to connecting with you!